Jenkem Mag: Marc Johnson

We get random calls from people wanting us to spend money on advertising and my answer is always “no thanks”. The reason behind it, when people seek us out it means they are into what we do and don’t want what the mall has to offer. They are looking for something different, so we get lucky and get to deal with some kick ass people, people who have become our friends not just customers. We love saying that we are skater owned and operated, and no matter what someone else told you, we all skate. We choose to keep backing some brands even though maybe the numbers tell us to do something else. We do this because as skaters ourselves we know that backing those companies is the right thing to do. I see some big changes coming for skateboarding. I see some of these small companies getting the love they deserve and not just from that little older skate nerd. I’m getting stoked on kids coming in and asking about brands like Welcome, Polar, and Magenta [which will all be in the shop very soon].

Sit back and read this interview and really listen to what Marc is saying:


photo: anthony craine