Iowonders Premiere

When I started iowonders I knew that I would be putting a lot of work into it, but I underestimated the work that the riders were going to put into it. I rarely ever had to call anybody, I ALWAYS woke up to a missed call or text. “Let’s skate”, “Pick me up”, I even got a voicemail a couple of times…. Even if nobody got a clip, at the end of the day we were always hanging out, and pushing the skateboarding scene in Des Moines in some way or another. That became very evident to me towards the end of last summer. Yeah the video may have been a burden sometimes. Especially when it was unbearably humid skating/riding around in my car that has no air conditioning, but in the end it keeps the bros together and we’ll always have something to remind us of what we all worked for… iowonders.

So with that being said, I hope you can all come out on november 16th to watch and enjoy the video! it’s free to get in, so don’t use that as an excuse! There are 220 seats in the theatre, get there early for a good seat!!

-Kyle Jordan

iowonders flyer