Iowonders Premier

As long as I’ve been working in the shop, and even before that, there had always been talk of doing a shop video and it just never worked out. People got busy and life just happens. Well finally a young man named Kyle Jordan decided that he wanted to take on the task of making a video. He was ready to put in the time and effort and had himself a group of young men who were ready to put in work for him. Subsect put their seal of approval on it[and really thats is about all we did, the rest was all them] and off they went. They went to Cali, Chicago, and spent a lot of time in K.C. You could tell who was really wanting to put in work just by the morning meet ups at the shop. They really stepped it up even though I always told them to step it up more.
Let’s skip to the night of the premier. Vans came through and helped out so we could throw a kick ass pre party for everybody. Once again all the people down with the shop did not disappoint. The shop was packed with friends and family members and the beer was flowing[Red Bull was too for the under 21]. We had ourselves a great little warm up for the rest of the night. After the party we headed to the Art Center where we were greeted by more friends that didn’t get to make it to the pre party. Doors opened up and they filled the seats. So many people showed up that we had to turn people away. Not our doing, but the Art Center made us cut it off for safety issues. Kyle gave a nice little speech, and then boom, video time. Everyone got loud, enjoyed themselves, and made me very proud to be a skateboarder. The whole night was a huge success.
To everyone involved in the video, thank you. To everyone that came a long way to be here for it, thank you. To all the companies that gave this video support, thank you. To Kyle for putting his heart and soul into this video, thank you and we love you.
Kyle did sell out of videos, but he’s getting more made so be on the look out for that.

All Photos: Austin Cosler












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