Glump Life

I recently re-watched Brian “Slash” Hansen’s free lunch interview. Which if you haven’t took the time to watch, you should go ahead and check it out. The reason I’m bringing this up is because he mentions how he loves to go to any video premiere that he’s able to and list reasons on doing so that I couldn’t agree with more. Now there aren’t many experiences I can think of that amount to the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your sitting in a theatre with a bunch of your so to speak “peers” or skate homies and the house is packed. Suddenly the lights start to dim, and out of no where you start to see everyone in the audience wave their arms back and forth, then hear a one of a kind chant that starts out faint then gets louder as everyone joins in and you find yourself following suite. This chant (which I have come to find out is called “the Tomahawk Chop” thanks to Wickersham) can only be found in the city I have came to love so much, our neighbors down south, Kansas City. I share that with you because that is the kind of experience I got when a couple of close friends and I made it to Escapist’s “Red and Yellow” premiere, and why I am bringing that to you’re attention is because in the next poorly written paragraph I’m going to sell you on taking a trip, only a mere two in a half hours south, so you too can have your eyes feast upon Dylan Burke’s Glump Life.

Now if you’re lame and have about twenty different whack excuses on why you cant make it to this premiere, then i’m going to trump those pathetic excuse with a couple kickass reasons. Like I promised, the valid reasons to make it to Glump Life.

1.Our good friends to the south have literally shed blood, sweat, and maybe a couple tears (and/or gay gestures) into making a full length video that only in my opinion could be ranked along side with 14 deep. Now don’t get me wrong 14 deep is one of my favorites to watch. I’ll find myself watching Ryan Pearce’s part over and over, but its hard to deny the raw talent the Glump Life homies have, in front and equally behind the lens.
2. Similar to the first reason, Talent. From what I have seen these dudes skate in person and in footage, they are as raw as they come. I was blown away watching Pookie and Aaron Cannon shut a couple of spots around town. Plus, I know you’ve all seen how awesome “Freeling” was and Andrew Lovgren has helped Dylan film and he as a bangin’ part as well.  But why spoil the surprise and tell you how good they are when you can see for yourself.
3. Show support for the Midwest. Plain and simple.
4. It’s really not that long of a drive. I know gas prices are outrageous, but what’s new? Round your homies up and make it into a little skate trip. I know dudes that are driving down from the Twin Cities and KC has a lot to offer in term of spots, BBQ, art parties, and good times.
5. Dylan Burke spits hot fire
-Drew Paul
Glumplife is premiering April 12th 2014 at the Screenland Armour theatre in North Kansas City. $5.00 admission and it’s featuring Aaron Cannon, Luke Clark, Josh Barclay, Keelin Austin, James Fink, Andrew Lovgren, Reggie Jones, Max Clark, Richie Wolfe, Jasper Alford and Mikey Santillan. It’ll be on sale at local shops and a website a couple weeks after the premiere. 
Here’s the trailer:

Photos: Andrew Lovgren and Dylan Burke
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