Field Notes – Mike Kershnar

Between Dan, myself (Jeff), and Heath, we’ve known Mike for a really long time.  I personally don’t see him very often, but once every several years we cross paths and it reminds me of what a rad and motivated person he is.  He doesn’t have anything to do with Des Moines in particular, but he does have something in common with anyone who wonders whether there’s a place for them in the regular everyday molds of the working world.  Mike showed us his art years ago and your first instinct is to tell him that it’s such a long shot to make a living doing art.  But that’s not the way he worked, so he just kept doing it and now he’s killing it and producing work at an alarming rate.

Little known fact. I think it was A-team who had a contest where if you could do some crazy trick that only a specific pro was trying, then you won some cash. Mike did a switch stance hardflip revert and took away Chet Thomas’ glory. I think he was a teenager at the time too.

Rad dude.  Cool spur of the moment art shows in the video below.


Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 3.59.46 PM