Enjoi ” Oververt”

Well have you been watching a new part everyday on the Thrasher site? I choose not to watch it. I choose to wait for the whole video. I don’t think watching a video part each day. I think you loose the feel of the video. I don’t want to ruin someone’s hard work. They skater that put in the work or the filmer. I understand times have changed. With so much free on the internet why would someone buy a video? If you are a company you want more people to see the video and I bet it is good for Thrasher to get the traffic on their site.
I just think everyone should get the chance to see the video all at once first. What a few weeks before it goes up on a website.
I can tell you that the video is good. It is worth owning. So buy a copy [which we have] or buy it from iTunes.