Drew Paul’s Brixton Video Breakdown

Take a couple of minutes out of your day and tune into the Brixton boys as they throw down some text book ripping on parks, ditches, and street spots. I was bummed that there wasn’t any Brad Cromer footage but will gladly suffice for J-Tay. If this video doesn’t get you pumped to skate then lets take the time to point out the obvious bangers from the dudes who I thought took the cake in this short video. From Subsect’s all time favorite Ernie and his flip in on the green ten rail, any trick Jordan Taylor does, but that switch 50-50 on the wall rail was so sick. Or how about one of lurkville’s best, Dolan Stearns and his massive Ollie out of the legendary Albuquerque Indian school ditch to the bike path? Where does he get this pop from!? Want more from these dudes? Check out Jordan in Toy Machine’s brainwash, Big Ern in any Real video, and Dolan’s last part in the Lurkville video.