Deathwish Premier This Friday

FINALLY the DEATHWISH video is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure most of you know that it premiered a couple weeks in LA and those who went were blown away. Someone even told me on Thrasher’s Burnout blog that a SUBSECT shirt made it on there. But I know you guys in Des Moines are very, very hard to impress these days. I mean Scotty begged me to get him tickets to the premier just hours before, I asked a psycho for them who came through by the way, then somehow the young Spicoli like Scotty showed up 40 minutes late, tough crowd.

I won’t spoil the video for you BUT I will tell you that you won’t want to miss the premier at the shop, it was fucking awesome! From start to finish the video has a very unique RAW and real feel to it. No helicopter cams, no “celebrities”, no special effects, just straight up shredding.

Don’t get caught slippin’! Get to the shop and be prepared to buy a DEATHWISH board.


This Friday, at the shop, 8pm.