What Kev’s watching

What Kev’s watching. Donny Barley

About a week ago I was in a meeting and when I got out and got back to my car and checked my phone it said missed call from Donny… Continue reading

What Kev’s watching – DAYDREAM

Yes I know that I have been blowing it on updates and no I am not gonna promise that it will get better. I will promise that I will try.… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching “Elijah Berle”

Well as we get closer to the release date of the new Vans video I have been watching older stuff from guys that will be in the new video. An… Continue reading

What Kevs watching: Ty Beall’s part from E.T

Well it would be a lie to say that I am just watching Ty’s part when I have been watching the whole video a lot lately. I just thought I… Continue reading

What Kev’s watching.

So over the last year or so I’ve become a fan of Aaron Herrington. I think it started with my stoke on the Polar videos and of course the Static… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching Tony Trujillo “IN BLOOM”

I have been blowing it a lot lately on doing these. I am sure I have Jeff shaking his head at me and it’s not because I haven’t been watching… Continue reading

What Kev’s watching

Before I get started on telling you what I think is good about Dakota Servold’s part in the Foundation video WTF I would like to tell you that the whole… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching ” Lance Mountain “

Well of course it was gonna be a Lance Mountain video, it’s Lance week here. I thought long and hard and watched a ton of Lance parts on youtube to… Continue reading


There has been some new videos that have came out that have kept me busy at the t.v. See when a new video comes out a like to watch it… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching

Don’t know if you’ve been watching the Ed Tempelton Epicly Later’d episodes on Vice, but you should. It got me thinking about how kick ass Ed is and it reminded… Continue reading