Jake Johnson and cool videos.

Earlier this week Converse put up a video of Jake Johnson and Pontus Alv skating. It’s a cool video and they have this cool portable pole jam that they take… Continue reading

Transworld’s Outliers video premier.

This Saturday October 25th at 8 p.m we will be showing the new Transworld video Outliers and no we aren’t just gonna try to squeeze everyone on the couch and… Continue reading

David Clark in Threads

As your mind has been filled with all kinds of skateboarding from the web it might have been a little to easy for this one to fall through the cracks.… Continue reading

Brothers in America.

Found this video on Monster Children as where I find many of cool things and got real stoked. I think for many reasons. Made me remember all the load up… Continue reading

Adidas x Krooked

Well we posted a pic last week that this new collar had hit the store, but here are some better pics and a video to help out. The jacket is… Continue reading

“Atom” A Source skateboard Video

Ben Chadourne has start a new video project called Source with a new video coming out every 4 months and the first one is called “Atom” and it’s a banger.… Continue reading

Adidas New Stripes.

Well if you have been paying attention then you would have noticed that Adidas has added 3 new riders to the team. They having been running a 3 week campaign… Continue reading

Endless Bummer!

Well Palace is back with another rad video and a new home in the states at Baker Boys. Well I don’t know how many kids around here are fans of… Continue reading

Last week was a blur.

It’s almost 2015 and let’s face it, everything we want is on the web. The inter web gets filled with a ton of stuff each week and I like to… Continue reading

What you need to know about last week.

Well another week went buy and once again the web gave us plenty. We are just gonna highlight a few.

1- Spitfire showed us how classic that flame head is… Continue reading