Holiday Hours and Eight and Sand.

Well the last few days of holiday shopping are almost over so for those of you who still have some shopping left here are our hours.
Monday-Tuesday 11am-7pm
Wednesday Xmas… Continue reading

Sean Malto presents the Nike SB Free shoe.

Well if you’re into shoes with some bells and whistles, Nike as always has you covered. If you want to jump down some stuff or want some flex to get… Continue reading

Grant Taylor and the Makas.

Well we were gonna do a nice wear test thing about the new Nike SB GT Blazer low, but then this video dropped on Thrasher and these guys look a… Continue reading

Videos and stuff

Well the last couple weeks have been a busy one as far as skate videos go. So let’s give these bad boys a good old once over.

1- Enjoi’s Oververt.… Continue reading

Poler x Nike Sb present The Goodship Galeb

Well this is not the first time Poler and Nike SB have joined forces, but I would have to say this is my favorite by far. The video the did… Continue reading

Huf’s ” Stoops Asia tour ” video and gear

Well Huf and Thrasher teamed up again for another article, video, and gear. The gear should be here next week and if you remember last year, it will go fast.… Continue reading

Enjoi ” Oververt”

Well have you been watching a new part everyday on the Thrasher site? I choose not to watch it. I choose to wait for the whole video. I don’t think… Continue reading

Jake Johnson and cool videos.

Earlier this week Converse put up a video of Jake Johnson and Pontus Alv skating. It’s a cool video and they have this cool portable pole jam that they take… Continue reading

Transworld’s Outliers video premier.

This Saturday October 25th at 8 p.m we will be showing the new Transworld video Outliers and no we aren’t just gonna try to squeeze everyone on the couch and… Continue reading

David Clark in Threads

As your mind has been filled with all kinds of skateboarding from the web it might have been a little to easy for this one to fall through the cracks.… Continue reading