Blind Video This Friday

“Ok, so yeah blind?  Who rides for them?  Oh yeah that cool looking kid that can’t get a board sponsor….Kevin Romar yeah that’s him.  Why are we going again?”

All those questions were utterly destroyed within the first 30 seconds of the montage of this video called, DAMN!  I went to the premier a few weeks ago and was pretty much blown away.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers but there are serious ass tricks going down in this thing from Romar to Cody Mac, then the Ivan Drago guy straight out of Siberia, and some “nobody” does an unbelievable NBD down Hollywood 16.

Don’t be a clueless old jaded guy like me, get excited it’s awesome.


Video starts at 7pm at the shop.

Blind Skateboards DAMN… Video Trailer from BlindSkateboards on Vimeo.