Because they are family.

Every once in awhile I get asked why we back the Born Wild trio so much and the answer is always “because they are family!” We love this city and we love people doing good things for the city. Let’s face it, for me the bar is drinking at home or maybe in a parking lot after a skate session. I have started treating the Born Wild parties as a great time to relax and loose. It’s a good way for me to catch up with friends that I don’t get to see to often because like me they are busy working too. I could keep trying to put into words and bad grammar what I think about Born Wild or I could just let you read what they think about Born Wild.

Richie Daggers @richie_daggers82

Born wild to me is the chance to get with different groups of people from all different backgrounds, that are together under the same roof for a similar reason. That reason is to blow off some steam and dance some shit out. I don’t care if your a soccer mom from the right side of town, or a gangster rapper from the roughest neighborhood. Every one at born wild is one unit! Everyone is treated the same!!m Everyone is considered ” party gang” if you came to keep the vibe tight and attitude postive, we fuck with you.

Michael Watson @forever_goldd

Born Wild is about everybody partying with everybody and being a positive space to do your thing. We wanted a spot that played good music and you didn’t have to worry about some dude hassling you. It’s also really cool being able to photograph and interact with all my friends from every walk of life on a regular basis and to watch those groups intermingle. We’re all just trying to have a good time and not deal with some bullshit.

Jeffrey Eaton @jte810

A dance party for freaks and for squares who want to get freaky. Anti-hate! Anti-creeps. Pro-love! Pro-fun! Musically speaking…we go deeper than wack DJ’s who are just barely put the tip in with safe baby thigh selections. Boozy, sexy and weird.

Here is some photos that Michael Watson took [he mans the photo booth] from their New Years Eve Born Wild.Here is the link to the FB Born Wild. Have a look. Follow these guys on Instagram. They each do their own thing and they do it very well, but when they join forces it goes off.

BORN WILD WINTER BEACH PARTY is this Saturday at the Gas Lamp and things getting going off at 9pm Cover is just $5