Arctic Stag: Motorcycles to the Arctic Circle

Well, I hope this doesn’t upset anyone because it’s not directly related to Des Moines, but I’ve been reading the tale of some friends of ours who rode their Harleys to the Arctic Circle just recently. It was Arto, Patrick O’Dell, Kynan Tait (who had a PWI on the site here), Harvey Foster, and one of Harvey’s friend’s Beans. It didn’t sound like that big of a deal when I first heard about it, but after reading the blog about the day that they actually rode up the Arctic line and turned back, I decided that these dudes are gnarly and I think I would have turned back and given up.  Sketchy “Ice Road Trucker” roads, swarming mosquitos, and parts rattling off your bike.   It’s not skateboarding, but it’s a bunch of skateboarders and a story of what they do when they’re not on the board. Enjoy.

Site is here. I recommend starting from the beginning.

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