10 Reasons to Buy MADE

My top 10 reasons you should buy the new Emerica video “MADE”
1] Jeremy Leabres has the best part.
2] Leo Romero has the best part.
3] Collin Provost has the best part.
4] Brandon Westgate has the best part.
5] It’s fun to sit around with your friends and discuss who had the best part.  Which can last forever because there is no right answer.
6] Old HK has a couple tricks and if you’re a fan, you will take what you can get from HK.
7] Jon Miner has not let us down yet.
8] Buying the video supports skateboarding.  It shows that you care about how hard the people involved in the video worked to bring us pleasure.
9]  The book the DVD comes in has some good photos from some kick ass dudes.
10] If you live in Des Moines you can’t say that Emerica hasn’t shown us any love.  They’ve done a lot for the skateboard scene in Des Moines and showed us a lot of love.  So buying it is a nice way to show it back.
You can watch the video for free below, but after Sunday it’s gone.  I think after you watch it, you’ll want to keep watching it.