What Kev’s watching. Donny Barley

About a week ago I was in a meeting and when I got out and got back to my car and checked my phone it said missed call from Donny Barley. Not gonna lie the skate nerd in me was beyond stoked. Now I have many calls with Donny before this and every time a little bit of me feels like a teenager talking to their crush. Donny’s skating was and is amazing. Super clean style and fast and that blue collar look I have always been a fan of. His skating also makes me think of a great time of skateboarding and not just the industry of skating, but for the times it makes me think of with my friends who I was skating with at the time. Especially during the Welcome to Hell time. Skating in downtown Des Moines and trying to act like we were in New York.
I wonder how many times I have watched this video. Even to this day I will say under my breath the opening line when you hear the BARRRRRLEY. It pumps me up. Any time a do a pop shut it I want it to look like his. I know a lot of guys who liked to wear the brown/gum sole Accel because of Tom Penny, but I loved them because of the tricks at :21 You know how many boards I broke because of pole jams to manuals? Plenty trust me and at 1:20 you know why he has a grind named after him. Watch it and get stoked.

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