The Coven Zine.

One thing I love about skateboarding is the different people you meet. Everyone has a different view on what they think is cool and usually everyone is ok with another person’s view even when it is different. Well there is that dick every once in awhile that thinks his way is the only way. Well I am here to tell that Taylor Smith is not that dick. He does how ever has his views and likes in skateboarding and has decided to make a zine to show what it is that stokes him out. I asked him to put into some words what it is and why.


How did I start the Coven? Well, I’m going to answer that by saying that I suck at skateboarding and I love it! Maybe that’s cliche, but you’ll get over it. I have always loved skateboarding and have always wanted to skate and have always wanted to be involved in skateboarding. And skateboarding can be a very personal thing and I feel like a lot of us can relate to that feeling of skating solo in an empty parking lot for hours doing whatever the hell you want to do. It is something that you don’t need to involve others in and can still find joy in it no matter what. It can also be a very social activity, but that all depends on your personality. It is all up to the individual. Skateboarding is a reflection of your personality and your attitude. Zines are also a reflection of my life at the moment. I started doing the Coven to show what was going on around me. I was skateboarding a lot with a small crew of great dudes who were killing it at every session. And a bunch of them, including myself, happened to also be making lots of art as well. The zines showcase all of the art and skateboarding that was surrounding me daily. So as I’ve moved forward in time and have not skated as much as I was during that time period, the zines have started to focus much more on art. The newest issue will still have lots of skateboarding in it, but it is rounded out with more art from myself and others. Skateboarding and art will always be tied in together, one could even say that skating is an art form on its own (and you’d have a hard time convincing me that it’s not.) I encourage everyone to start analyzing what makes them appreciate skating the most. Is it yourself, is it your friends, is it the exploration of your city, is it the culture, is the art? I also want to encourage more of you to start drawing more, writing more, photographing more, filming more, skating more. Do something that reflects what’s happening around you.