Pit of Death!

Well for those of you that came out to the DSMove event on University thank you so much and we hope you had fun. Thank you to Supra,Krew,Chocolate,Baker,and Lakai for hooking things up to give away to everyone. A big thank you to Matt and Andy for putting in the extra work to make this a fun event. If you didn’t get to meet Matt and Andy they work for the brands that gave us the goodies to give away. They took the time to make the pit of death.They took time out to drive down here for the weekend and sleep in my basement. All things that they didn’t have to do. I tell you this because I want you to remember these things next time you are in the market for new shoes or a board. Not saying you should only buy those brands forever, but at least give them a try. They came out and gave back to you. I think that earns them a try out.
Once again thank you. You all made it worth our time.

Check the brands out.
Supra Skateboarding
Baker Skateboards
Lakai Limited Footwear
Chocolate Skateboards