People We’re Into : Jeff Wright

I know this guy….he builds amazing bikes and that is an understatement.  He’s from Des Moines and he’s one of my favorite people.  The problem is he and his fat headed friend are very, very, very suseptible to my prank calls.
Years ago he put an amazing chopper up for sale and somehow a famous actor dude had to have it. (later this same chopper would be in a tabloid mag with dude trying to figure out how the gas lines worked stranded on the side of the road)  Now being from Iowa my pal never got too many calls from L.A. and certainly not back in 04′ or whenever this story happened.
ANYWAY, I had fucked with my pal and his fat headed friend SO MANY times that when the actor dudes assistant called to buy the bike my pal thought it was a fucking prank!!!!!  Dude’s dude offered a large amount of money like 40g’s or something stupid and my pal said “yeah right.”  Thinking it was me he kept blowing the dude off over and over then finally my pal said, “come get the fucking thing for $19k then and it’s yours!”  He thought he was calling my bluff but instead he had money transferred into his bank account by the end of the day…..oops.  Dude’s name who bought the bike was BRAD PITT, he pisses $19k.
Sorry Jeff.
In the coming days we’ll share with you an interview from our good friends at Church of Choppers and FTW Co.  Keep your eyes peeled.


—Dan Rogers