WELCOME in Khaliifernyuh

It’s cold out here so grab some bros and take a fun trip somehwere. Watch this video and get some tips on how to make it happen.
P.S we have… Continue reading

“Nike SB Chronicles 2” full video

It’s things like this that blow my mind. The Nike video is free on Thrasher’s site.

I mean, I guess it not really a huge surprise when you take into… Continue reading

Life Splicing No. 008: TOUROHIO

You know what’s boring? Most tour videos. You know what’s not boring? Alien Workshop tour videos. In a time where it’s pretty hard to keep people’s attention for more than… Continue reading


The Thrasher logo will never…NEVER get old. Talk about a staple, that font in that half curve will be owned forever by the magazine from San Francisco, but they are… Continue reading

What Scotty’s Watching

This was one of the first videos I watched when I first started skating. Always skipping to Geoff’s part. As you can see within the first two clips of his… Continue reading

Face Time — Brian Anderson

There’s just something about Brian Anderson that he can do no wrong.  After Pretty Sweet came out and we didn’t get the part we thought was coming from BA,… Continue reading

Greg Hunt Interview

“Cinematographer Greg Hunt is the gold standard by which all modern skate filmmakers are measured. Everything Greg has done over the years from Transworld’s Sight Unseen to The DC Video… Continue reading

Iowonders Premier

As long as I’ve been working in the shop, and even before that, there had always been talk of doing a shop video and it just never worked out. People… Continue reading


It’s pretty easy to just glance at board graphics and just go “meh, not into it.” Pawel Kozlowski, also known by his artist name Swanski, is a painter, graphic designer,… Continue reading

Zero Cold War Video

Zero’s Cold War video is out. You can buy it online or maybe you’ve been watching a new part each day on thrashermagazine.com, or you could wait until the… Continue reading

Iowonders Premier Update

It’s not very often that someone has the tenacity to carry out a project on their own like making a whole skate video. You’ve got to motivate people, you’ve got… Continue reading

Iowonders Premiere

When I started iowonders I knew that I would be putting a lot of work into it, but I underestimated the work that the riders were going to put into… Continue reading

Element Wolfeboro Authentech

“Amidst the waters of the Arctic Ocean on the island of Spitsbergen lies the northernmost miniramp in the world.
This is where the unprecedented expedition took place for the Element… Continue reading

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Today!!

These puppies are in the shop as you are reading this and they might even be sold out. Get on it!

“The digitized Janoski’s continue with this month’s ‘Mandarin’ digi-floral… Continue reading

Skin Phillips for Monster Children

I don’t know if it’s me getting older or just having some friends that take good photos, but I love a good photo. I’ve always been a fan of all… Continue reading

Mark Gonzales: The 30 Most Influential Skaters

I think if you’ve read or watched a few interviews with Mark Gonzales you know that he’s pretty out there.  Sometimes he just freestyles these crazy answers, which is… Continue reading

Nick Merlino Kickflip

Every once in a while you come across a clip like this and it reminds you that skateboarders are just flat out way more rugged than 99% of everyone else… Continue reading

Richard Kern for Altamont

If you don’t know who Richard Kern is, he’s an older photographer who’s been shooting nudes of young girls for quite a while now in addition to making films including… Continue reading


“Stance introduces our Holiday 2013 collection, featuring collaborations with King’s Club Barbershop, Fourstar and their tried and true skate aesthetic, Keep a Breast, as well as a variety of unique… Continue reading

Rolling Through The Shadows : Joe Brook

Another installment of Leica’s focus on skate photographers is over at their site here: The Leica Camera Blog.  I love these things.

“A girl I was dating told… Continue reading


“I was proud to wear my very first Stan Smith’s when I was ten. When I think of adidas I think of the Stan Smith; it is the most classic… Continue reading