Welcome back Habitat.

Well if you didn’t already hear about Habitat finding a new home at Tum Yeto then here it is. So glad that these guys stuck out the storm and found… Continue reading

Fourstar Crocodile Done Deal

The guys over at Crailtap really know how to put together a tour video. Some amazing skating goes down and by the looks of things a god time was had.… Continue reading

What Kev’s watching

Before I get started on telling you what I think is good about Dakota Servold’s part in the Foundation video WTF I would like to tell you that the whole… Continue reading

Vans Syndicate Sean Cliver

Rooted in the culture of skateboarding, Vans Syndicate is proud to present this limited product capsule with visionary skateboard graphic designer, Sean Cliver. Sean created Vans legend Ray Barbee’s first… Continue reading

Epicly Later’d HUF

By now you should know that we are big fans of Patrick O’Dell from his photos to his show Epicly Later’d on Vice.com Well he nailed it again with the… Continue reading

Go Skateboarding Sale.

Here is all the info on tomorrows sale.

– All decks 15% OFF. [instore only]
– All Spitfire wheels 20% OFF
– All sale floor shoes will be at 50%… Continue reading

My advice to you.

I am a true believer in putting rad people in your life and it will rub off. As skateboarders you should get it what I am saying. You have that… Continue reading

The New AV classic from Vans

So we just got in the new AV classic from Vans and it is a good one and at a good price of 55$. So if you are in the… Continue reading

Lance day 5

It’s been a crazy week and I blew it on a good update for day 5, but we have been busy working on day 6. We will [we hope] have… Continue reading

Lance is an artist too.

Skateboarders and art go hand in hand. It’s never a surprise to hear of a skateboarder who draws or play music or whatever. Some of the most creative people I… Continue reading

Lance Mountain Covers

To kick off day 3 of Lance week I decided to post up some Lance covers he has had on magazines. I can tell you that my first years skating… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching ” Lance Mountain “

Well of course it was gonna be a Lance Mountain video, it’s Lance week here. I thought long and hard and watched a ton of Lance parts on youtube to… Continue reading

Nike SB Jordan 1 ” Lance Mountain ” and our kick off to Lance week

So this Saturday we will be dropping the the Jordan 1 Nike SB Lance Mountain. You can see all the images and get details on the shoe here

So here… Continue reading

Let Us Roam Atiba Jefferson

These have not been a let down at all and this Atiba one made for a good way to end this series. It just makes for a nice reminder that… Continue reading

Spencer Pratti Straight Skating

Subsect family member and one of the very first dudes on the team way back when has a “Straight skating” from Strange notes and it is a good one. We… Continue reading

World’s Best Pool Party

If you came in the shop on Saturday you may have noticed us glued to the computer watching the Vans pool contest. This is my favorite contest. Don’t really know… Continue reading

Tom K. Out of sync

Well I am always on the web hunting for stuff to use on the site, but it’s just been a little dry lately. I was trying to hunt something down… Continue reading

It’s contest time!

I never thought that in all my years of skateboarding I would be saying stuff like “contest season has started”, but here I am saying it. Contests have been around… Continue reading

Saint Archer Ambassador Atiba

I didn’t want to use this for the website because we just posted a thing about Greg Hunt. I didn’t want to overkill it with photo talk, but I watched… Continue reading

Let Us Roam ” Greg Hunt ”

Another Let us roam from Lecia cameras is up and this time it is with Greg Hunt. We are big fans of Greg here at the shop from his skate… Continue reading

Brixton Summer 14′

Let’s be honest for a second here. The main reason we carry Brixton is for the hope the shop turns into one of their look book videos. You know with… Continue reading