New Rider – Preston Weimer

Well let the smack talking begin, we finally added a new rider to the shop team. It’s never a easy thing to do. There are a ton of kids skating good that are down for the shop. That’s why I have a hard time saying welcome to the family because I think of us as one big family, even if you don’t ride for us. Thats why we do things like flow a guy a board or shoes until they can pay for them or whatever we can do to keep someone riding. Trust me I have a list in my head of guys I want on the team, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Well, with Preston it worked. He has been down since day one. I watched him down here at the shop everyday this summer waiting to meet up with Kyle to go film for Iowonders and if you saw his part it paid off. He is a skate rat and he made a hard decision easy.


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