Girl 20 Year Anniversary

Well Girl skateboards made it to 20, and that’s something to be pretty stoked on.  Of course I can say that I was a skateboarder when Girl got started, but I can also say that I didn’t realize or have any idea how big it would become.  I do know that through those years they’ve made plenty of videos that changed skateboarding.  Videos that I still watch and talk about.  You really think of these guys as being one big family, skaters looking out for skaters, and thats’ why I think Girl will easily last another 20 more. Well, they’ve been doing something to enjoy there hard work over the last 20 years, which you can check some of it out here: Thrasher



Also, they sent us a wooden Girl doll to do what we want with and then send it back for an art show. I took this as a very big honor, but very stressful too. Right away my first thoughts went to the whole family, togetherness, the tight crew. Well after many hours of staring at the wooden Girl doll I finally got a idea, an idea that even I could pull off. I wanted to show the city of Des Moines and the surrounding areas. I think of Subsect as being one big family with all of our supporters. People ask me about the skaters in Des Moines all the time and I always tell them how close knit we all are. We could support Girl if it wasn’t for all our people that support us. So here it is. One side shows the Des Moines streets and the other side shows of some of the surrounding areas like Ames, Ankeny, Newton, and Indianola.


Subsect:Girl 20years