Dylan’s new shoe from Huf

Well the new pro shoe from Huf called the Dylan is about to land on the shop shelf very soon and yes I do mean Dylan Rieder. I don’t know if you remember his first shoe on Gravis, but it made a lot of noise in the shoe world. Some good noise and some bad noise and some WTF noise. I think I might have been on the WTF side of things. I will say this I can remember a few shoes through out time that got the WTF and over time it become a staple shoe in the world of skateboarding. The Reynolds 3 happened to be one of those shoes. Now they don’t make it anymore, but even after all this time I still have people asking for it. So I guess what I am saying is keep a open mind about it. Dylan did a interview with Paper magazine about it and you can read it here. and he even did a little video for it.