Brothers in America.

Found this video on Monster Children as where I find many of cool things and got real stoked. I think for many reasons. Made me remember all the load up… Continue reading

Adidas x Krooked

Well we posted a pic last week that this new collar had hit the store, but here are some better pics and a video to help out. The jacket is… Continue reading

“Atom” A Source skateboard Video

Ben Chadourne has start a new video project called Source with a new video coming out every 4 months and the first one is called “Atom” and it’s a banger.… Continue reading

Adidas New Stripes.

Well if you have been paying attention then you would have noticed that Adidas has added 3 new riders to the team. They having been running a 3 week campaign… Continue reading

Endless Bummer!

Well Palace is back with another rad video and a new home in the states at Baker Boys. Well I don’t know how many kids around here are fans of… Continue reading

Last week in skateboarding.

Well last week was a short one. September is here and cooler weather has joined it. I love me some fall, but it never really seems to last too png… Continue reading

Spencer Pratti Straight Skating

Subsect family member and one of the very first dudes on the team way back when has a “Straight skating” from Strange notes and it is a good one. We… Continue reading

Let Us Roam ” Greg Hunt ”

Another Let us roam from Lecia cameras is up and this time it is with Greg Hunt. We are big fans of Greg here at the shop from his skate… Continue reading

Hard Luck #teamgofast

It’s not a normal thing to get excited about a new bearing company, but this time it’s totally normal.We just brought in Jason Jessee’s new bearing company Hard Luck bearings.… Continue reading


Guess what? We are in the club.Some time this week a box of tees and hats will be showing up from Omar Salazar’s new company Doomsayers.We love us some Omar… Continue reading